In an effort to assist Federations and Continents to complete and monitor their KPIs, the PDC has worked with the Elista office with a view to provide some key data that would assist in this process.
The data can also be filtered by Continents using the following key:

Continent ID

  • 1 – Europe
  • 2 – America
  • 3 – Asia
  • 4 – Africa

Please find the links below for the data related to the following:

Registered Players

Data Effective: January 2021

The data covers the period 2015 to January 2021 and is organised in tabs as follows:

  • Registered players: All, Active and Female
  • FIDE-Rated Players: All, Active, Female

Please download file here

Organisers/Trainers/Arbiters/Average of top players

Data Effective: March 19, 2021

The data is organised in tabs as follows:  

  • **NAs/FAs
  •  SI
  • Average rating of top players: All, Female

** Notes

  • ARB data on FAs/IAs are not as accurate due to changes in statuses, regulations, activity etc. Please refer to the ARB Commission for more details.
  • Trainers’ Commission,TRG, data is also being checked but is more accurate.

Please access file here