PDC Funding Activities May 2019

2019 Zone 4.4 Individual Chess Championships


FIDE President, Arkady Dvorkovich, made many commitments during his campaign in 2018. The key ones being to develop direct relationships with Federations and to significantly increase the Development fund. Both of these promises have been kept through the administration of the Development fund by the Planning and Development Commission(PDC), which also manages the associated relationships. To date, the FIDE President has signed 24 agreements with Federations.

The ultimate aim of the PDC is the institutional strengthening of the National Chess Federations, the Continental Bodies and FIDE. The PDC shall seek to develop Federations and Continents through the provision of technical and financial assistance, via the Development Fund.

Through the meaningful contributions by the PDC team and the tremendous support by the FIDE Executive Director, Victor Bologan, and other leadership team members, the following federations have been engaged in the funding programme since the set-up of the Commission at the beginning of 2019.


  • FIDE-NCF Agreement

This programme, which governs the direct funding of National Chess Federations (NCFs), has been well adopted by the Federations with funding packages being shared with 61 Federations to date. Of this number, 36 have been approved for funding to date totaling US$581, 800. The table below highlights the status:

23 21 10 7 61
In Progress 5 12 7 1 26
Approved 18 9 3 6 36

Federations plans are reviewed and assessed on the clarity of their submissions and their plan’s alignment with FIDE priorities which include: Institutional Development, Player Focus, Reputation and Strategic Partnerships which were all part of the focus areas identified by the FIDE President during his campaign. Also, as stressed by the FIDE President, NCFs will be held to account for the funding provided by Fide and will be required to provide reports on the use of the funding as defined by the FIDE-NCF Agreement.

Federations who wish to apply for funding must send an email to the official email: fedfunding@fide.com. A funding package will be sent to the Federation, which must be fully completed prior to review by the Planning and Development Commission members. The PDC’s admin support will work with the Federation towards a completed package. Approval of completed packages is expected to take up to three weeks depending on the number of requests under review. Soon, federations will be able to download the funding moredocuments from the PDC’s sub-website.

FIDE is heartened by the positive messages and expressions of gratitude from federations who have received funding:

“Thank you very much for the approval. This is appreciated. This funding will go a long way to improve Chess in Malawi and take it to greater heights at a grassroot level.” Susan Namangale, President, Malawi Chess Federation.

“Excellent, thank you very much. These funds will go a long way in helping chess development in Jersey, particularly with our junior section.” Louis Jouault, President, Jersey Chess Federation

“It is with great pleasure that this email has been received. Thanks to all who assisted with the process and we do look forward to working with your team in the future.” Andrea Marshall-Harris, General secretary and FIDE Delegate, Bermuda Chess Association


The PDC also worked closely with each Continental body to develop the Continental Funding Package to govern the relationship between FIDE and the respective Continental body. Each Continent will have access of up to EUR 300 000 in funding based on their submitted plans which were developed to benefit the respective regions. The agreements were signed during the Presidential Board meeting on March 5, 2019. Funding were provided to Continents based on specific priorities including: Chess in Education, Social Projects, Chess for All and Women in Chess, Preservation of Chess History, Capacity Building; Continental Events; Affiliation of New Federations within the continent.

Since the signing, all 4 Continents have submitted requests totaling approximately EUR 161, 400, which include allocations to the Zonal Championships 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 in America as well as 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. in Africa, 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4 in Asia and various CiS projects in Europe.

Once again, recipients of continental funds were happy to receive the funding:

“We are delighted that our federation has attracted the attention of your foundation, and this thanks to Mr Arkady Dvorkovich who made a very particular attention to Africa, we give favorable opinion to your proposal of transfer to our account. Please accept our sincere greetings”. Brahim-Djelloul Azzedine, President of the Algerian Chess Federation.

The PDC continues to be a key resource for FIDE and its various arms and remains committed, together with the FIDE Management board and Presidential board, to building a strengthened and well managed FIDE.

Sonja Johnson
Planning and Development Commission