Additional Guidelines on Funding from FIDE Executive Director

Dear Commission/Continent/Federation Colleagues/FIDE Affiliated Association,

Thank you for adhering to the recommendations for planned activities for 2020. I see many seminars and events are being executed online as well as an increased focus on capacity building.

In an effort to monitor the effectiveness and impact of FIDE-supported seminars/workshops and other activities, we provide the following additional guidelines:

° Reporting: There must be a report for all seminars/workshops conducted that have been supported by FIDE. Reports must include:

  • Topic
  • Seminar Schedule (Number of hours)
  • Lecturer
  • Language
  • Agenda (should not include more than 20% Q&A)
  • Participant information (Name, federation, results, total number of participants)
  • Photos (where possible)

° Materials: The materials (presentations, videos, etc…) that were used during the seminar/workshop should also be made available (exceptions may be where there are proprietary issues).

° Recordings: Online sessions should be recorded for future reference.

° Links: Meeting links should also be shared with the PDC prior to the seminar/workshop.

° Profiling of activities: In order to visibly highlight the various online activities, Federations/Continents are required to provide at least one short ‘story’ to support any of the funded activities completed during the year. Each story must have a description of the activity, including some of the details above as well as supporting photos. The intent is that there will be an ongoing stream of highlights and content throughout the year.

The Commission or organiser, where applicable, is responsible for the provision of these requirements to FIDE within 2 weeks of the completion of the seminar/workshop to the PDC at copying

Organisers are reminded to properly assess the needs of the respective federation(s) to ensure that the seminars/workshops will materially benefit their communities and are also consistent with their current operating environment. Where a workshop can be hosted to benefit a broader base of participants, this should be explored.

I know that this process is already followed for the technical seminars, however, it is important that these procedures are followed across the board.

On behalf of FIDE, we wish you continued success in the execution of your respective initiatives and look forward to our continued collaboration.

Best Regards

Victor Bologan
FIDE Executive Director