PDC for the Continents – webinar

A PDC working meeting together with the representatives of the 4 Continental Chess Associations was held online on the 6th of February.

As the Planning and Development Commission prepares to open the 2024 FIDE Funding Cycle, it was natural to start with continents, who represent key actors in spreading chess development.

The PDC Chair welcomed the webinar’s participants, emphasizing the idea of smoothening the funding process in 2024, followed by the Councilor Bakyt Omurzakov who introduced the general idea of the session and went through the Agenda of the webinar: reminding the key elements and steps of the funding process, usage of the funds, yearly plans, reporting.

This interactive session helped agreeing on some directions that we expect to be more pragmatic for the future:

  • Review the funding calendar, to open the year earlier than March and encourage more anticipation of projects in general
  • Harmonize the formalism of continental development plans, including the best features from the 4 continental templates that exist
  • Adapt the drawdown request document, so that more flexibility is given to the plan, while increasing the capability to capture the covered KPIs

The 45′ session was a positive initiative and PDC would like to thank again the participants for their active contribution. We may see other such short working meetings in the future to continue strengthening the synergy between different actors of chess development.