PDC Chair

FIDE Funding Programme 2020

Dear Member Federations

The year 2020 indeed has been an eventful year. Despite its many challenges mainly due to he COVID-19 pandemic, FIDE continued to provide support to national federations and continents during the year to support chess activities and development.  To date we have processed applications for approximately 50 federations under the revised conditions.

Additional details can be found on the PDC website at http://pdc.fide.com/ under PDC Activities.

Any new requests for funding will be deferred and considered under the 2021 programme. As per the formal FIDE-NCF agreement, Federations will be required to provide reports on their activities and the utilisation of the funds, which fulfils the monitoring aspect of this programme by  January 2021.

During the next few months the PDC will use the data gathered to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the programme and make recommendations for the 2021 programme. The evaluation details will be made available by the first quarter of 2021 upon receipt of the reports.

FIDE thanks all federations for their cooperation with the PDC in fulfilling the requirements of the revised funding process and looks forward to continued collaboration as it seeks to further strengthen our institutions while also ensuring accountability and transparency.

Sonja Johnson
Planning and Development Commission