91ST FIDE ONLINE CONGRESS 2020 – PDC Meeting new

On December 1st 2020 was the Planning and Development Commission meeting of the 91st FIDE Online Congress 2020. 

The online meeting was presided by Mrs. Sonja Johnson (Chairwoman) with the attendance of 45 participants: FIDE Council Members, Commission Members, Delegates, Representatives of National and Continental Federations. 

After welcoming the participants, Mrs. Sonja Johnson gave the PDC report from September to December 2020 which included a summary of the PDC Fed Forums and other PDC initiatives. Also, Mrs. Carolina Muñoz presented the Social Media report, and Mr.  Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou explained the proposed Development Level Criteria.  

As a special guest, Mr. Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, after gave the welcome to 91st Fide Online Congress 2020, talked about the challenging year 2020 and he expressed hope that next year will be better: more resources, hybrid chess activity and others.  

Mr. Bologan, FIDE Executive Director, gave thanks to PDC Team for their continuous work. He explained that next year, the challenge will be to analyse the Federation and Continental reports and the development fund results, especially in online activities, because this is an entirely new topic for FIDE. 

PDC Team thanked all Continental bodies and National Federations for their support during the 2020 year and encouraged them to continue working together during the challenging year 2021.