Dear Chess Friends

We are pleased to announce the resumption of the funding programme for 2022 for Federations, Continents and Affiliated Associations under the conditions that have prevailed in the past.

As previously communicated by the FIDE President and FIDE Managing Director, we are also happy to introduce funding for zones as one of the key arms of FIDE. The funding for the zones will be done via the continental bodies, through the existing process, after presentation of zonal plans.

We are pleased with the efforts by many of you for engaging in chess development and promotional activities during what has certainly been a challenging period. We thank all the federations, continents and associations who have taken advantage of the funding in 2021 and have provided your reports on activities as per the signed agreement with your respective federation/association. Federations and Affiliated Associations are also required to settle any reporting obligations and review their financial status (arrears) to ensure they are able to access available funding for 2022.

All requests for funding should be aligned to FIDE priorities which are listed in Appendix A and reinforced via the KPIs in Appendix C.

All organisations that request funding are reminded to review the  funding application requirements on the PDC’s website:

1. Federation funding
2. Continental funding
3. Affiliated association funding
4. Commission funding

As we begin this new programme we look forward to ongoing meaningful collaboration and cooperation as we seek to expand the sport of chess across the globe.

Sonja Johnson


Planning and Development Commission