Dear Chess Friends

We are pleased that more than 80 key arms of FIDE set up projects in 2022 to contribute to the development of the sport of chess worldwide!

We thank all actors who dedicated their time and energy on hundreds of activities supported by the FIDE development fund and kindly remind Federations, Continents, Affiliated Associations and FIDE Commissions to provide your reports on activities for 2022, by the 31st of January 2023, as per the signed agreement with your respective federation/association.

All organisations that requested funding may find in the relevant section below, the Appendix D that will help them formalize their funding report on the PDC’s website:
1. Appendix D for Federations
2. Appendix D for Continents
3. Appendix D for Affiliated Associations
4. Appendix D for FID Commissions

As we begin a new year, we look forward to a new cycle of fruitful collaboration through successful chess development projects, coming soon.

Laurent FREYD


Planning and Development Commission